THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Love you, Tori

One morning, several weeks ago, I woke up, leaning so far left it warranted a midnight  alarm to the neighbors. Rescued and out of harm's way, I wrote a detailed account of the episode, intending to post after some editing. A combination of things got in the way of writing anything, and just as I got through my tangle of issues, the phone rang.

My niece, Tori, died.  No one had any details but it didn't matter, that this incredible young woman was gone was wrong under any circumstance. Regrettably, I didn't know her better, but it didn't take long to recognize her indefatigable, bright spirit, her enthusiasm for life, her endless capacity to love and give of herself. Her death at age 23--23!--just doesn't make any sense. My heart goes out to her parents.

I do believe that we are the sum of the people who are in our lives.  Tori touched so many, from her home in Texas to the small town in Spain where she taught English,  and all the stops along the way.

This song is from a yoga cd for children.  It makes me think of  Tori...I cry when I listen to it, but it makes me happy, too.

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