THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Another dream. This time, however, I only remember one scene. I'm in a room full of miscellaneous stuff--mops, brooms, furniture, lamps and jars--all under dust covers.   The room is dimly lit, and as I baby-step my way through,  I'm hit squarely on the back of my head.  As I fall to the ground, I think over and over, "Blunt force trauma, blunt force trauma."  (I watch a little Law & Order.)

The conk on the head in my dream manifested itself as a loud explosion in the top of my least that's how it sounded to me as I awoke. And my head felt as though it had experienced actual blunt force trauma; rivulets of tingliness coursed from crown to clavicle. Convinced that there was a head basher about, my eyes flew open and saw...nothing. It was all in my head.

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