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April's Fool

This past Friday I went to clinic for my three month inspection. Per usual, the first stop was pulmonology, where nothing was measured but my blood pressure, which was not too terrible. I enjoyed a little chat with my doctor, then rolled off to the elevator and neurology.

Clinic starts at noon but I was called at 11:45 for weight, temperature and blood pressure (yes, again). Ordinarily I cringe at the prospect of getting on the scale, but after my 13 pound drop in January I  was curious to see not if, but how much more, I lost. My friends guessed between eight and 20 pounds, but the scale was broken so  the exact amount  is a mystery--I think it must be at least eight based on how loosely my clothes fit. ANYWAY, I went back at 11:45. I waited for the various team members to start their pop-in visits.

And waited.

And waited.

At 12:30 my patience started wandering, looking for someone to validate  our parking so we could leave, but was persuaded by even-tempered Lynne to wait a little longer. By 1:00 my patience was beckoning me out the door, when in came Ellen. We had a short conversation and were finishing when Ellie appeared. FINALLY. She  conducted a very cursory exam while I attempted to communicate my frustration and displeasure (with no success, when I said I was in a bitchy mood it was interpreted as peachy mood, which made it worse). Nutrition, speech, OT and PT visited in the guise of four unknown young women who knew very little about me but understood that I was ready to go and kept their exams brief.

No one provided a reason for the one hour delay but I suspect it had something to do with the Corner Bakery delivery that arrived just before 12. Next time I'll order a salad.

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