THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Lost Causes

 As I make my way down rue Louise, I am often tested to prove my mettle. I've adopted a Buddhisty approach to these challenges, seeking to overcome every itch, every minor discomfort, from within. (One might say it's not like I have a choice, but let's gild the lily just this once, hmmm?)

Last night, after Courtney went home but before John came home, I fooled with my laptop, hoping that, if I hit disconnect/connect enough, my dead wireless would resurrect. While I amused St. Jude, I became aware of a wispy tendril of hair near the inner corner of my left eye.

Wispy tendrils are irritating but, in most cases, aren't batshit crazy caliber--the ones that make you shudder--either. I closed my eyes to do the overcoming thing when the hair moved under my glasses. Damn. Overcoming was going to take a little longer with this  additional wrinkle. Settling back against the pillow to wait it out, I felt another movement and realized that, whatever was moving, it wasn't my was alive and had legs and was taking a stroll. 

I couldn't help but go all girly for several seconds; I screwed up my face and thought, "Eww, gross!" as the nasty bug toured my eyelid. Nothing could be done--my hands and arms refused to move. My only options were to wait for the stupid bug to get bored and move on OR submit as it bored into my head by way of my eye. (Nope, no drama queen here.)

Okay, so we all know it wasn't a head-boring bug, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm powerless to brush away even the friendliest little crawly thing that wanders onto my face. I'll need a lot more Buddha if I'm going to beat the bug within.


Jenny said...

haha i love the buddha talk! ohm it up mama. it's all an illusion anyway. lol :)

Sylvia said...

The Teutonic version of Buddha--Ohm pa pa --the best part--the ice cold beer.

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