THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Feets of amazing strength

 Every time I am raised to a standing position my entire body does an involuntary stretch;  my muscles,  lulled into complacency while I sit, ready themselves for action. I stand tall, my head looking up, my back straight, my quads and calves and glutes doing the best they can to be tight (which doesn't mean tight, not like it used to, but it's all relative), my feet up on their toes.

What was that? Yes, I go up on my toes.

My balance is for shit, walking without assistance is a thing of the past, but I can still stand  on my tiptoes -- while being supported, of course. Not only can I stand, I can take a few steps à la ballerina. It is rather a sight to behold.

I think I shall go find a tulip garden.

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