THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Oh, how wonderful it is to be an almost 52-year-old woman with ALS. 

At my age, I am a prime candidate for MENOPAUSE. Since I rid myself of the monthly manifestation of  my miserable menses (all hail the great and powerful endometrial ablation), I have no visible indicator to tell me if, in fact, I stand on the brink of hormonal hell.

What I do have, what I think I have, are hot flashes. It's the strangest thing -- I feel as though intense heat radiates out of my body; I imagine wavy heat shimmering up all  around me. There is no pattern, no particular time of day or night, it just happens and it's very uncomfortable.

And it's a pain in the AL-ass. If it happens while I'm sleeping I can't kick off the covers... well, I could, but I would never get them back on.  Cecilia, who helped me get up just after one of these episodes, complained that I was all sweaty. Lovely.

So tell me, do these sound like hot flashes? If so, I guess I can check menopause off my list of things to do.


Wendy Leah said...

Check. Your description is spot on. I can't believe you're my older sister and I've had these for about two years!

Sylvia said...

Welcome to hot flash hell.

I had a hysterectomy about 20 years ago and traded in periods for migraines. OK I didn't read the fine print. I determined that I am in menopause becasue the migraines (regular as the clock) have pretty much stopped. I still get hot flashes. It is OH SO professional to have one whilst talking to your boss.

They don't last long and in my case have become a source of comedy.

Deb said...

Ladies, I generate so much heat I could be the grill at a tailgate party. How is that for a visual? :-)

nursemyra said...

I went straight into early menopause when Stephen died. The hot flashes lasted about two years but I still get the night sweats

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