THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Like Mike

Today's topic: legs. My legs. That used to be Strong Like Bull. Calves and quads and hamstrings that pushed me mile after mile, up and down hills, across more than two dozen marathon finish lines.

Louise initially took up residence in my right hand then baby-stepped to the left and the legs. At the time I retired I was still walking, a lurching zombie shuffle.I experienced a whoosh! moment here--less than a year later and my gammy gams are no longer Strong Like Bull, they're more Weak Like Noodles. Walking is but a distant memory.

I can assist with transfers. When lifted and supported I manage the two or three steps backward or forward to my bed, potty, shower chair, etc. It's not pretty; the right leg is weakest (surprised?) and it drags a bit. But there is a silver lining! When taking these draggy steps, it looks as if I'm moonwalking. I may take this show on the road, you know, as a moonwalking zombie.


For the record, my pins are a couple of twitching maniacs. From hip to toe it's twitch, twitch, twitch all day and night. My hands and arms used to twitch like that and we all.know what happened to THEM.


Better get my zombie on. Bonne Dimanche.

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