THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Operater, please

I fought kicking and screaming--well, as much as I can, though to look at me you'd think I was sitting still--but the time has come to hang up, ring off, press "end."

My darling Adam doesn't understand me anymore. Considering the amount of time we spent on the phone over the course of our friendship--so much time that I added Friends and Family to my Verizon plan when Adam switched to AT&T--I knew it was last call.  If he can't understand me, nobody can.

Losing this line of communication is just one more straw. My idiot camel must love me.


I can't push any buttons so texting isn't an option, either. All phone activity is conducted by my army of assistants so, if you DO text me, keep it clean (yes, Birdie, I mean you).


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