THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Still silent, except when I cough. Then a gurgly, shoulder-shaking, gaggy thing happens, tarnishing the beautiful golden quiet.

The past few days have been tedious and tiring. Up so late trying to un-gurgle that it became early morning. Sleep was no refuge; pain on my right side and irritating coughettes didn't allow much rest. One of my caregivers suggested pneumonia. Pneumonia is one of my top two ALS fears (the second is falling), and once this little seed was planted it pushed tiny roots into my thoughts. I didn't go all crazy, but I didn't dismiss the idea, either. Pneumonia, pleurisy, numerous bouts of bronchitis and too many years as a smoker leave me a tad susceptible to respiratory ailments. Worth a visit to Doc-in-the-Box.

The visit was, er, productive. I was my most charming, yukking it up with the doctor. My charm and wit, delivered with a non-voice and poor enunciation, met with faux appreciation; attempts at redelivery fell flat and forced me to realize that I'm not really as charming and witty as I like to think.

A lovely little antibiotic is already taking control and I look forward to a regular snoozefest tonight.


I neglected to mention that it's NYOT pneumonia. You probably got that already. You did? Okay, good.


Anonymous said...

Love You.

David and Beth, et. al.

Deborah said...

Et? Al? I thought your kids' other names were much nicer.


nursemyra said...


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