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Girls' night out

Jenny, Courtney and I went shoe shopping Friday night,  for shoes I can wear to the wedding. DSW was our destination; I hoped to find something to complement the silky, monochromatic ensemble hanging in my closet.

There was a time when this was an all too frequent activity, but I haven't been shoe shopping in forever. The pointy toes and high heels--once a staple--simultaneously break my heart and mock my size 11s, feet that are even harder to fit since Louise stomped on them. This night was no exception; all those beautiful, beautiful shoes, row after row of them, but none of them meant for me.

I rolled all through the store, Jenny clearing the mirrored settees from my path, Courtney replacing them after I cut swath after swath. As I neared the last row of women's shoes and approached men's, my swath fizzled, until I espied a lovely pair of neutral slippers. Yes, they were more masculine than I like, but the mocha color, roomy toebox and cuddly lining met all the important requirements. As well, I reasoned, my feet would be mostly hidden by my outfit. So I bought them, saying I would return them if something better came my way.

I took the girls to dinner at Asia Bistro and was pleased to find a Thai curry on the menu. Our  server, noticing my wheelchair and that Courtney was turning the menu pages for me, came over to offer assistance and to take our drink order. Can you guess which beverage is mine? We had rather a chuckle over this.

In addition to our meal, we enjoyed watching and listening to the other diners, especially the  July/November couple seated next to us. They had quite a serious conversation about Johnny Depp and his movies, including I Like Chocolate* (despite the fact they'd not seen it, but heard it was good). The music was 70s Motown and more than once I amused the girls when I got my middle school groove on. Yes, I had a groove. Stop laughing.


*Of course you know there is no such movie. Miss July was referring to Chocolat.


tcutraveler said...

You could always try to Bedazzle your shoes if you want to add some bling :)

Deborah said...

We discussed that! I don't want to take any attention from the bride, so I'll have to keep it simple instead of my customary tacky.

Anonymous said...

I wear 11.5's now, I stick to mostly running shoes and usually mens. -Jennifer Thull

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