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The Princess Bride

What a weekend, what a wonderful wedding. My Becky was a beautiful Princess, her husband a tall, dark and handsome Prince Charming.

My beautiful Jenny and Cecilia were maids of honor...the entire bridal party was picture perfect. My three daughters, however, were the loveliest of all. On more than a few occasions I was told I must be so proud of my girls; I'd nod in agreement and say thank you but I thought to myself that, more than proud, I am grateful.

Since Becky and John W were legally married in November there was really no need for a licensed official to preside over this wedding, so they asked the father of the bride to perform this duty instead. Becky sent her dad his script and told him he could tweak it A LITTLE, which he did.

At home on Friday night, as John M was reading his slightly amended script, conversation turned to a certain scene from a certain movie. Jenny (who can recite dialogue from quite a number of movies) rattled off this particular dialogue and someone suggested it be included at the beginning of the ceremony to surprise Becky. Another note card was prepared.

Fast forward to Saturday at approximately 5:15pm. Bridesmaids and groomsmen in place, John W standing tall and looking fabulous in his tux. Becky, on her dad's arm, almost Little-Miss-Bouncy-Stepped* down the aisle. John M quietly gave his daughter away and took his place. Smiling, he began with these words (sans accent):

It was great, appreciated by the bride and many others.

*A very accurate childhood nickname.


Wendy Leah said...

Such a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride and groom.

Sylvia said...

MAZEL TOV. They are a beautiful couple and you are quite blessed. I wish them one hundred years of happiness.

With great love and admiration

Sylvia (from the big apple)

Jennifer said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! So perfect! They are glowing! Congrats to everyone! xxoo

Anne from Orlando said...

Congratulations to the gorgeous bride and handsome groom. Wonderful pictures. Love to all.

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