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More perspective

I will not be sad. I will not be sad. I will not be sad.

The weather these last few mornings has been incredible; no humidity, just the right amount of late summer cool. Conditions such as these bring out all the morning runners: all ages, all paces, running individually or in groups of two, three, five...

As I walked to my physical therapy appointment today I watched them and I was so jealous, not only because they were running but because they were running in such fine weather. In my experience there is nothing better for quickening your pace or improving your breathing than cool -- even cold -- air.

I saw two men who had just come off the Custis Trail and were crossing from the opposite corner. They were laughing and discussing the trail and their run, there was a hint of sweat on their faces and clothes -- it reminded me of those mornings when Kendall and I would be finishing our run. The memory was bittersweet.

After my appointment, when I came back to the office, Dan and I had a nice conversation about his morning run. He is back on track and has run three days this week. Anyway, we talked about the course he'd run, courses he, Kendall, and I used to run together. As we talked, more memories flooded into my mind -- about different points on the trails, and how I've felt when I was running, running strong. Again, bittersweet.

A pity party began to percolate but I stemmed it mid-perc. Not being able to run the way I used to is a real drag, but at least I used to, and I can remember it.

I'm pretty damn lucky.

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