THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Poooooor Planning

I am dictating this while my right hand uncurls.

7:50 AM. I realize I have not yet eaten my breakfast so I grab my debit card and head to the little deli downstairs. As I go down the elevator, I start thinking about cinnamon rolls, which the deli does not carry. The elevator door opens and, rather than turning left toward the deli, I turn right toward the Starbucks.

Starbucks has the cinnamon rolls I am craving. Starbucks also has the skinny chai I love so much, so I order both. The cashier gives me back my debit card along with the cinnamon roll. Here is where I realize I need another hand. When I buy my food at the deli, I don't buy a coffee so I don't need but one hand.

Anyway, I gather the receipt and the debit card and secure them within the curled fingers of my right hand; I then place the cinnamon roll on top of the card and curl my fingers over the scrunched up bag. My not very opposable right thumb rests uselessly on top. Okay, that part is done. Next comes the drink. Fortunately, I am still able to carry a moderately sized coffee in my left hand -- not grasping around the cup, mind you, but by placing my fingers and thumb over the lid and pushing down, sort of like a multi-pronged claw catcher.

The drink being securely clawed and the bag being sufficiently ensconced, I head back to the office. As I cross the street it occurs to me I will not be able to open the doors. I am in luck, however, because one of the guards just happens to be outside. Whew!

The lessons learned here are a) do not deviate from your original destination and b) if you do, don't buy a coffee. I think going forward I will make sure to carry my tote.

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Wendy Leah said...

Would one of those McDonalds type bag/cup carriers work?

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