THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


The cold.

The sore throat is gone and SO FAR the chest remains unmolested. Unfortunately there is STUFF (bleah) at the back of my throat where it meets my nasal passages and my speech has been adversely affected. If I didn't have it before, I definitely have an ALS accent now. Consequently I cannot dictate because my voice recognition software doesn't speak my new language.

It's not likely I will go back to my former beautiful speaking voice so I need to move to the next level in communications technology. At my last clinic, the speech therapist made some noise on this subject so a phone call is on my to-do list. I just have to find someone to make the call for me.

(The preceding was kindly typed by 3:58 marathoner Mrs. John Wallace.)


Sylvia said...

It makes me happy that chester the molester is keeping his distance from your chest.

Do you have the choice of a new beautiful speaking voice? you could do something throaty like Kathleen Turner's in "who framed roger rabbit?

tcutraveler said...

Do some Karaoke. I love when people with foreign accents sing American songs.

I wonder if your voice recognition has a program for ALS language, kind of like for Spanish or Italian, but ALS?

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