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A note of thanks

I hear hammering outside my window, not the hammering of a lovely little woodpecker, but the serious hammering of people who are building something. That something is a ramp, a ramp which will enable me to get into my house with ease.

Until recently I was able to climb (with lots of assistance) the single step from my front porch to my foyer. Louise was getting tired of lifting my legs, so journeys through the front door all but ceased. Lynne started making noise about a solution.

Coincidentally, several weeks ago, an email was received by the directors of the Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC) which begat a flurry of emails and ideas on how to support one of the club's members. Ultimately, the decision was made that support was best offered in the shape of a ramp. Yes, I am the fortunate member. I am touched and gratified by the good will exhibited by these kind people.

(It's worth noting that the hammering is occasionally punctuated by a curse. I'm envisioning some purple thumbs.)



Sylvia said...

A handsome addition. Nothing keeps you down. Happy holidays--enjoy

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your new ramp, I had fun helping build it, I haven't done much building in my life untill recently whith some bird houses, and now a ramp, so it is a little exciting.
-Jennifer T.

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