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Back on track

One year ago today I struggled for four hours to do 20 miles, probably one of the toughest runs (I can't call it a race) I'd ever done. The NYC marathon followed, and there ended my racing career.

My "wogs" have turned into plain old walks lately and, except for the occasional pop-in by Lynne, are solo events. My iPod keeps me company -- I listen as much to podcasts as I do music and the time passes enjoyably. Lynne met me for an hour yesterday while I waited for Miss Elegant at her SAT class.

Today I decided to meet Lynne and Janice after their three-hour run. Earbuds in, podcasts playing, I walked before the anticipated meeting time. What a walk -- the air was exhilarating and felt like an old friend. I wasn't running, but the temperature brought back such fabulous memories that it didn't matter; I was out there in it anyway. At one point, about an hour into my walk, I saw a deer cross the road; not long after I saw a fawn bounding back the opposite way, not confident enough to make it across. He and his mother were now separated -- how were they going to reunite? There was too much traffic on the road for the doe and she stayed hidden; as I came nearer I saw her sneak back into the woods but she did not go far and I saw her standing stock still behind some low hanging branches. I crossed the road and tucked into a trail hoping to see the reunion, but the cars (and likely my scent) kept the deer out of sight. I went on my way.

The course I walked today is part of the half marathon course that Lynne designed. During the race, you encounter some killer hills past mile 11. When I used to run the course this was the worst part -- sometimes the hills were too much and I had to walk. I went down one of those hills on my way out which meant I had to come back up on my return. My glutes have not worked so hard in a very long time.

Ultimately, I walked for two hours. As planned, I met Lynne and Janice and we shared a refreshment just like in the old days. It felt good, very good.

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