THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Random thoughts for a Sunday afternoon

Yesterday was the ALS walk in Richmond. The morning was unusually warm and humid and the threat of rain loomed. I arranged to meet Kendall and Lynne early for a pre-walk walk, followed by some pre-walk refreshments. Yes, ALWAYS the refreshments!

While we were enjoying our beverages, one of our local running club friends arrived on the scene with his son and his son's family. The friend, Art, was one of the contributors to my team, and his son's family (including in-laws) were there to show support as well. Coincidentally, the father-in-law had lost his mother (also a Deborah) to ALS some years before and has a sister-in-law who has it. Way too many coincidences.

The walk started at 11 AM. All my muscles were there: Jenny, Becky, Wendy and Mike, John Wallace, Jeff and Patti, and, of course, Lynne and Kendall. Other of my muscles were there in spirit, having contributed very generously to the walk. Another muscle, my half sister Tracy, had mailed hoodies embroidered with "McGee's Muscles" for us to wear. I certainly do abound in support and love, don't I?

You will notice that John and Cecilia are not listed. Unfortunately, the stress that has been plaguing my youngest daughter continues. It was best that she stayed home.

The rain that had threatened all morning decided to make intermittent appearances just before and during the walk. Everyone else pulled up their hoods, huddled in shelters, or pulled out their umbrellas, but I held my face up and let the rain fall. It was refreshing, even cleansing. It didn't last very long and before we knew it the sun was trying to peek out. When we returned there were hot dogs and cookies -- unfortunately, no more beer! That didn't matter (too much) as we were all having a very good time laughing and talking.

It was a good event. Kudos to the ALS Association for all they do for us.


The leaves are turning. On Monday last week they were just hinting at color, by Friday they were a beautiful sight to see. I had a thought as I was driving down one particularly lovely road: these trees and leaves are the most beautiful just before the leaves die. Is that irony?


Tuesday. Day after tomorrow. Air travel. Large pond. Pints. Aaaahhhhh.


I walked this morning. It was cold and bright and breezy and fresh. And for the first time in seeming AGES, I ran. Just a little. Breathing wasn't too bad, but I don't have the wind I once had. Tonight my legs are a little tired, but I wouldn't change a thing.

On the negative side, I had a very unpleasant experience in the loo.

For some time I have had increasing difficulty in "pulling down" which is even more problematic when the situation becomes "urgent." I no longer wear certain pants for fear of having an accident. When walking today, I wore some of my loosest cropped pants.

About halfway through my third lap I felt it start. I knew if I was walking I'd be okay until I could get to the restroom. The closer I got, the worse it got. I made it to the stall but was having no luck getting my hands into the waistband. The more I struggled, the worse it became. I finally managed to start "pulling down" but was too late. I couldn't help it.

Don't misunderstand--it wasn't a complete drenching, but it was enough. I made my way back to my car, found something to sit on, and came home. Embarrassed, angry, and sad.

Thank goodness I'd had a little bit of good runnin' or it would have been a miserable morning.


Today was also the Marine Corps Marathon. Enough said about THAT topic, but it's still hovering around in my messed up little brain.


Two and a half hours until Monday. The 26th.



Mykljak said...

Oh, this is one of those full-disclosure blogs. Not mine. I decided not to publicize the "unauthorized leak" I had last week.

Five Percent said...

Just wait...there'll be more revealed in the days ahead.

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