THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Someone saved my life tonight

I can't believe I almost forgot to write about this. Yesterday, after leaving clinic and while on our way to meet Adam and Ricardo at Bertucci's, I tripped on an uneven sidewalk. As if in slow motion I could feel myself lurching forward; Lynne's hand reached out and grabbed my left arm as my right leg went into position to absorb the impact -- and my right knee locked so the quad was stable, AND I DID NOT FALL. It's that last bit that I am still able to recollect with amazing clarity. It was only recently that Mike had explained what was happening when I walk, and here, in this particular instance, it was remarkably apparent. Not only did the knee lock, it locked with authority.

I was on heightened alert after that and had no more missteps. The lesson here is: beware of sidewalks.

A special thanks to Lynne who gets credit for saving my life. :-)

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