THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



Thank goodness I have a three mile walk on Saturday, one that I've been training for EVER so long, or I might just fall back into those awful doldrums that recently had hold of me.

And after the walk will be the family version of Oktoberfest -- where we celebrate all the birthdays that occur in October. That will be a nice diversion.

And, one week from today, I will be on an airplane headed to a distant land where I will consume many pints with my buddy, Lynne.

So it seems I am sufficiently occupied, yes? Yes. For the most part. There is one more thing I plan to do, sort of a ritualistic cleansing of both my spirit and my closet. I have a bin in my closet that contains a lot of running gear, running gear I no longer wear. The odd pair of shorts -- once considered much too large -- may be kept, as well as a few nice, loose, long sleeved technicals. Beyond that it's off to Goodwill. There is no point in keeping these things around.

The same holds true for some other random items. If I am unable to manage them, it is time to go. One might think this is a trifle depressing but I view it in a very positive light: I am transitioning.

When I'm finished I will raise a glass full of the pint-y stuff, thanking all that is being discarded for their years of faithful service. It will be a fine tribute.

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