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My lovely little commute

Memorandum to: XNJ 1544

You are an idiot. HOV traffic merging into the main flow should not be regarded as a personal affront. When you leave a large enough space for a vehicle to move in, you should not try to close the gap after the vehicle has moved in. The driver in front of you should be able to see your headlights; if said driver cannot see said headlights there exists a risk of a rear end collision if said driver needs to apply the brakes. Said driver could not help but smile just a little when she saw that you had to apply your brakes -- hard -- to avoid hitting said driver. Another smile appeared when, after a violent passing maneuver positioned you two cars ahead and then those two cars moved to the right lane, said driver was right behind you. Where she stayed the entire drive home. With her headlights visible to you. Hmmm. That doesn't sound right, does it? I will let it stand.


Idiot drivers notwithstanding, things are fine at Chez Louise. Nothing of note has occurred; no noticeable deterioration, no new gimmicks, no great insights. So boring.

If you see XNJ 1544, give him a smile and wave. Maybe flash your headlights.

I crack myself up.

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Jackie Stewart said...

This is the only place I've ever driven where motorists consider a lane change a personal challenge.

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