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Riding the rails

I was going through some old e-mails and found a draft I had saved that included a link to my interview during the New York City Marathon in 2008. I haven't looked at it for some time. The woman who was being interviewed had such a nice, easy, fluid stride. Her arms moved easily by her side. She seemed strong and I was envious -- no, that's not the right word. Melancholy is the right word. Perspective is an amazing thing; I did not feel strong during that marathon but I guess I was. I'm very glad I ran that race.

I won't bore you with a description of my ambulation or my less-than-straight arms; suffice it to say the muscles are not what they used to be. Remember: slow does not mean no, and the progression continues.

A second stair glide was offered to me by the ALS Association and I took it for the second set of stairs leading to the lower level of the house. So now my house boasts two -- yes, two -- stair glides. While I hate them for what they represent, I do appreciate them for the service they provide. I have begun using the stair glide more regularly, ever since I lost my balance on the stairs, plopped down on the land m-ass, and was unable to pull myself into a standing position. Better to be safe than sorry.

One problem: I always feel as though I look like Livia Soprano. Pooooor me...

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