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My Stooges: Crampy, Toe and Curly

My feet are stretched out in front of me and I'm watching my toes twitching back and forth like short, stubby cilia. My second and third toes are slightly curled, the result of a terrible bout of cramping in my foot. Actually, both feet suffered when I took off my slippers and climbed into bed; being taken from their warm, cozy environment and exposed to the relative cold brought on an awfully painful reaction. The cramping occurs in the arch, the outside of the foot, and the toes, and it is close to impossible to find relief unless I am standing and can press my toes to the floor. My left foot recovered first and looks fairly normal (despite being in need of a pedicure), but my right foot is still working through its "cramp curve" as evidenced by the curly toes. And the twitching.

I've heard other PALS talk about how difficult it is to find shoes that will accommodate their curled toes. I'm guessing my red, pointy toed, stiletto heeled boots are not going to be an option! Ha ha, they have not been an option for some time -- in fact, I sold them on eBay to a very nice man who appreciated that I was a "caring seller." Yes, a man. Keep in mind I wear a size 11 boot.

I will now segue from my man sized feet to my man hands. I present for your viewing pleasure the most recent installment of What The Fuck:

Man hand number one (the left). See how nicely the fingers curve. My thumb is fully extended which, as you can imagine, makes it difficult to hold a cup of coffee.

More of the same.

Man hand number two. The John Travolta pointing finger is holding its own, helped by the oddly shaped first knuckle.

Toes are quiet now. Time for bed.

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