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Having reached 175,000 miles on my beloved 03 Civic Hybrid, I decided to stop at my friendly Honda service shop for some scheduled maintenance before going home. I asked John (who is home today for the MLK holiday) to bring me my laptop so I could spend my time productively (!) while I wait. However, I forgot to bring any glasses so the time has been spent alternately squinting and peering through partially closed lids, trying to make out the words on the screen.

One thing I can very easily make out is the exaggerated twitching in my forearms. They've lost quite a bit of muscle--particularly on the right--and yet they twitch as much as before. The biceps of both arms are ramping up in twitch activity, too. For that matter, it seems EVERYTHING is at high twitch. As I sit here, blurry visioned, typing with two fingers, I feel feet, calves, quads, hamstrings, walrass, back, stomach, man hands, arms, shoulders, chin and lips twitching as if I was hooked up to some sort of muscle stimulator. Oh, and my eyes also twitch like crazy, which I'm told is not Louise-related. At times I wonder about this.


Today brought an interesting incident. The door that separates my workspace from the rest of the office is heavy and shuts hard (note to self: have Gary the Engineer readjust, again). It's somewhat difficult to open--I need two hands to pull--and then requires that I use my left foot to hold the door in place so I can reposition myself to get through. Somehow I took a bad step today; the door pushed me and I toppled to my right, thankfully against a wall so I didn't fall on my land m-ass. I'll need to ask Gary if we can permanently "soften" the closing mechanism.

They are replacing two filters. Totally random rambles tonight, since I'll be here for a bit.

I did manage to get out Saturday morning, fully expecting to go four laps (4.4 miles). Halfway through lap one I felt it would be prudent to make a little stop and was heading toward the facility when Lynne ran up. She stayed with me for another lap and a half, at which point I was done. My legs were tired and I was winded from talking while walking. When I remember chatting with Lynne while running UPhill, it breaks my heart (for the millionth time) that those days are gone.

Full disclosure: I also became winded walking back from lunch last Friday, and again today. The new normal, I suppose. It sucks. Sucks the wind. Sucks the wind right out of me. I am a riot.

What else. Oh. I am having more trouble opening my meds. My right hand doesn't "palm" the lids so well anymore, and the left hand doesn't hold the bottles so well anymore. While I know this is to be expected, this (and everything else) is not what I expected.

Car is ready. I am poorer by $158, but it is money well spent.

Thus ends another installment of Debbie Does ALS.

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