THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace

 October 27 was Becky's birthday and I was at a loss about a gift. As is the case with all my daughters, she is very particular and it is never easy to find just the right thing. Because she used to play with Barbies when she was little and because of her upcoming wedding, I decided a wedding dress Barbie would be fun and appropriate.

Becky visited two days later and we gave her the package; she opened it and laughed and told us it was perfect. She started to say something else but,  when she started to cry, asked Jenny to finish for her. Jenny then told us that Becky, John Wallace, and John Wallace's father and sister were coming out to the house on Tuesday, November 2, and that Becky and John would be married.

This was a "just in case" wedding. We are very big on insurance and that's what this is. The March wedding is still on and I plan to be there.

Aren't they a lovely couple? Actual photos to be posted upon receipt.

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