THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



I'm walking through  the office of the start up where I worked in '99-'00, but when I turn a corner I am in the operations center of the bank. There are people everywhere, some of whom I recognize, and I move from one to another, surprised I remember so many.  Wandering through empty offices and deserted corridors, I happen upon a large (and empty) auditorium. On stage is a gigantic touch screen displaying  an image of an ice cold bottle of Coke. I know it is cold from the way the bottle is sweating. It's so realistic  I'm reluctant  to touch the screen to change the display. It is NOT cold and wet, of course, but it won't budge. I try swiping left and right, using both hands, arms, even shoulders, all to no avail. Abandoning my efforts, I leave.

I'm in Wyoming. It's hot and dusty, and there are many people in line to go to a high-walled fort. I'm with several women, including my sister-in-law, who says the fort is my brother's favorite place. We decide to go in, but instead of waiting, we hold our arms together and FLY over the wall.

Alone, I walk in and out of random buildings, all of them unexceptional and empty. Turning onto another dusty street I stop, something is not right. I run away but I'm too slow. My only hope is to fly but I don't know  if I can. I put my arms together, look up, and I am airborne! Swooping this way and that, I fly and fly.

Definitely my kind of dream.


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