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Feasting with friends

The running club's annual banquet was held Sunday. I wasn't going to go--I feel somewhat self conscious in a roomful of runners--but realized I was letting stupid pride get in the way. So I went, kindly squired by Janice. The banquet was on the upper level of a local restaurant and we'd been assured it was accessible via an elevator. Well, there are elevators and then there are elevators. This elevator reminded me of the petits ascenseurs I've ridden in Europe, hardly big enough for my power wheelchair. A couple of strong, tenacious young men came to my rescue, however, and successfully parallel parked the chair in the tiny space and I was banquet bound. 

As I exited the lift and came into the dining room, Janice and Colleen by my side, it didn't take long to spot the table where a (very large) space was ready for me. All the usual suspects were there: in addition to Janice and Colleen  were Jannette, Brenda, Alice, Annie, and Arlowene.  Any self consciousness disappeared when I rolled up and took my place.

Several people came over to say hello but conversations were brief; my voice couldn't be heard over the crowd and my enunciation is terrible. Regardless, it was nice to see so many friends.

Prior to arriving, I asked Janice if she would be my voice and thank the club for the ramp. She did a lovely job, much better than I would have, with or without my impediment.  The man who was honored as the club's volunteer of the year (and who did most of the work on the ramp) came over after the program and I thanked him personally for his kindness.

You know, I am surrounded by kind, goodhearted people. I am so lucky.


Wendy Leah said...

What a great time you must have had. I'm glad you decided to go. I hope I can get over soon so we can go see a movie. Love you.

Sylvia said...

You, by your very nature, class, essence, soul attract good kindhearted people. We are the ones who are lucky. Love...

Deborah said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sylvia. You are one of my faithful cheerleaders...and maybe a little biased! xox

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