THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


This 'n that

Writing with the SmartNav is rather tedious but it's better than nothing. NRH called today to schedule my needs assessment; with luck I'll be using a speedier system before too long.


My left hand, envious of her slothful sister, is mimicking (extremely convincingly) almost all of her annoying attributes. It's surreal to be attached to hands that do NOTHING. Stupid Louise . I wonder what she's doing with my real hands...


Another example of how Louise-som I am these days: I cannot walk, not even the hand held little shuffle I managed only a month ago. Now  I bear my weight during transfers. Period. Added bonus: rubbery ankles when I get out of bed. Makes the first transfer of the day verrry exciting.


Let's see, what else can I share that will enchant my admirers? How about the way I lean to the right (physically, not politically), or how I "leak" ever so slightly from the right corner of my mouth? How my navy Crocs are worn with everything (I'll get something pointy-toed for the wedding)? Too much, you say? Hard to believe so many attractive characteristics are wrapped up in one phat* package? This is just the tip of the iceberg, darlin'.


*I first heard this word in 1970, when my friend, Theresa Youngblood, explained that, if a boy called you "phat" (versus "fat"), it was a good thing,a compliment. My 12-year old brain was at a loss trying to figure out how to tell the difference without asking the spelling. Fortunately, no boy ever called me anything, so I was spared. Is this little bon mot even used anymore?

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