THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



In a huge indoor football field, people sit in clusters; groups of two or three, occasionally  more, are randomly scattered. Everyone, myself included, is waiting to be tested. A much younger version of me responds when called. Unseen interviewers ask silent questions, after which  I'm infused with long threads of brilliant blue light. Glowing under my skin, the light invigorates me and fills me with a joy I can't describe, and I dance with abandon.

Another interview follows the dance. Seated on a wooden bench, I'm beyond happy to see beads of fluorescent green sweat on my body -- which is unclothed. I don't care, my many caregivers, traumatized daughters and one bossy (and very good) friend have forced me to overcome my modesty.


I would love love LOVE to dance like that again, awake or asleep.

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