THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


'Tis better to be silent...

In recent days I've noticed an interesting phenomenon: When I'm talking to two or more people, there comes a time when one or another of the group shifts their gaze from me and looks beseechingly at  the most advanced translator present, either daughter or caregiver or friend. The translator fills in the blank and we move on.

I recognize the look on their faces because I've worn the expression myself, talking to others with ALS. Not wishing to offend but not understanding, I'd look for someone to throw me a rope. My family seems to be adapting well, but if I'm tired or I try to say too much, they struggle. Unfortunately for them, my rope throwing days are over.

As a result of my altered speech, I am not talking as much as I used to. Nobody is struggling with that.

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