THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Lucky number

Yesterday was clinic day. Ready for an update? Of course you are.

First stop was pulmonology, where I usually get my FVC tested. Not this time. Just blood oxygen and blood pressure, both of which weren't terrible. Following a discussion about my favorite subjects (saliva and more saliva), the nice doctor wrote an order for a suction machine, complete with a Yankauer suction tip.  Don't worry, I promise not to post any pictures of actual  Yankauering.

On to neurology and the rest of the team. Nothing out of the ordinary...EXCEPT for my weight.

SOMEHOW I managed to lose 13 pounds. I know this isn't necessarily a good thing -- remember, fat is good for ALS -- but I confess to being more than a little pleased.  I will follow the advice of my nutritionist (eat, snack, protein, protein, protein, etc.), but right now this 50-ish woman with AL-ass is remembering slimmer, better days.


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