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Saturday was a pretty cool day.

First, I got up early and went to the battlefield for my "wog,” and was to meet the "team" afterward. I parked at the far end and set out. If you recall it was my objective to run all the downhills! So, I walked for some time -- getting my wind and my courage ready.

As I was walking, I encountered a woman who stopped to talk to me. She saw the shirt I was wearing (last year's "Race for Debbie" T-shirt) and she wanted to introduce herself. I knew who she was because I've met her four times over the last several years. She is the wife of a man I commuted with for many years. There are some people in this world you can see over and over again and they never remember you. This woman is one of those people. When we said goodbye, she said it was nice to meet me. I just chuckled.

So on I went. I came to the top of the downhill and began my gentle little run. Not fast, not strenuous, nice and easy and so blissfully more than a walk. I came to flat ground and the run became more challenging, so I walked. This happened over and over. I made it to the turnaround point (2.3 miles) and headed back.

Now. On the way back I saw some familiar faces off in the distance, faces of women from my running club. I wanted to hide. Why? Because I am self conscious and embarrassed by how I run. Stupid, I know, but it is what it is. There was nowhere TO hide, though, so I wogged on until the gap was closed. Dear Holly was one of the group and we exchanged a greeting and continued on our separate ways.

The pity party popped right in and took hold of me at that moment. Boo hoo, Louise cried, you can't run so well anymore; boo hoo you're a walrus; boo hoo your breathing is getting worse; boo hoo boo hoo. Oh yeah, I was full on into it. Started thinking about other PALS, those who are gone. Who can't run, or breathe or be a walrus. Once again, like so many many times before, I realized how stupid it is to whine; I'm much better off rejoicing in the slower steps, in the jiggly flesh, in the deep breaths I still manage to take. By the time I'd finished the 4.6 miles I was soaring.

After a fabulous post-wog quaff and subsequent bagel with Dear Lynne, I cleaned up and met Jenny for mani/pedis and a light bite at Kybecca. Oh my, the shrimp and grits were the best I've ever had. The vanilla pot de creme was an indulgence I'm glad I succumbed to. We also made a stop at World Market were we discovered the most wonderful bar of chocolate. I'd read about it but hadn't seen it anywhere. I bought one but should have bought 10!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button finished the evening. I'd been wanting to see it and it was as good as I'd been told. In particular, I liked the idea of the old man/infant becoming the infant/old man.

I love days like this.

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Becky said...

A chocolate bar better than choxy moclate?? :)

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