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Bonne Dimanche

2006: Lynne was the director of the December half marathon so, naturally, I was enlisted to help (which I did happily and enthusiastically). We cleaned out the shed (much heavy lifting there), ran the course 8000 times (8001 times too many), woke up in the wee hours the morning of the race and, with the help of two able-bodied men, set the course up. During the race there was much driving from point to point, delivering water, putting out fires (no, not with the water), lifting, carrying, and on and on. When the race was over everything had to be picked up and returned to the shed. It was as physically taxing a day as I have ever spent and I was totally exhausted when I hit the sheets that night.

2007: having recovered from an abysmal Chicago, a successful Richmond, and a deep digging Philadelphia, I ran the half marathon instead of doing the behind-the-scenes work. It was not my best time -- 2:08 -- but it was certainly respectable. Louise waited for me at home while I enjoyed postrace refreshments at what we now refer to as "Pmokey Bonerz."

2008: I don't have any real recollection of what happened last year, but I know I did not run the race so I must've been a cheerleader. I can't believe I can't remember.

2009: it's 9:34 AM; the race started two hours ago. I'm in my kitchen, dictating this and waiting for someone to wake up so I can have some coffee. There was some conversation yesterday about my going to the race in my role of cheerleader but it all hinged on the weather, which threatened to be icy and rainy. I don't see any ice but it certainly is raining. I have become a fair weather cheerleader and am a disgrace to the regimen. (Okay, let me be totally honest. I'm glad I'm indoors.)


Lynne told me yesterday she is going to run a 50K in Virginia Beach next week. The good friend part of me is very happy she is doing this because it is the logical next phase for her. The stupid part of me is sad I didn't know about the plans earlier. I hate I'm not any longer a part of things at that level.


Last night I dreamt I was driving in New York City and had to go down a hill which was so steep it seemed it was almost a 55° angle (Is that right? No, not a right angle, I mean is 55° steep -- more steep than 45°? I never know.). It was impossible to see any other cars and I could only barely see the traffic light as I rode the brake going down the hill. The light turned red and I pushed harder on the brake and barely managed to stop. When the light turned green I pulled into a bus depot where they were taking applications for employment. I went into the building looking for some breakfast and was told my companion (companion? I wonder where he came from?) was upstairs. The only way to get upstairs was to climb various circular stairways and each time I would get to the next level I was told my companion had gone ahead. I could catch a glimpse of a dark pinstriped suit and knew instinctively that was who I was looking for, but I never did catch up. Crazy, crazy dream.


My wild child has had a mostly successful weekend. There was a hint of a rumble Saturday afternoon when we ran into Target -- I will call it an "unexpected expectation" moment. We moved past it, however, I think because she had had an enjoyable afternoon at a friend's (!!!) and was anticipating going to the skating rink AT NIGHT. The lesson I have learned here is not to take her shopping. Ever again. I mean it. E-VER.


Had enough? I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

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Mykljak said...

The world would be a better place if a lot of people avoided shopping. And if everyone had something to look forward to.

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