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Meet Wilbur

Please meet Wilbur Weston, a regular on the soap strip Mary Worth. Wilbur, for the most part, is unexceptional and has recently been introduced to Facebook which is why we see him seated before his computer. You may ask why I have posted Wilbur's picture here. Why, indeed? Look at Wilbur's hands! Except for the pudgy thumb muscle, these look like my hands! My fingernails are prettier, though.

So. My hands and I have had a pleasant evening. Upon arriving home I discovered D#3 intently doing homework. Not wanting to disturb her, I decided to try to prepare dinner. I'd purchased some gnocchi yesterday and thought that might answer. First, to open the plastic packaging. I used a steak knife and cut away around the perimeter of the package. I had to use my right forearm to hold the package in place as I use my left hand to cut, but it was a huge success. Next, I had to get the pot out of the cupboard. We keep our pots and pans in a lower cupboard; I bent over rather than knelt, rearranged some of the smaller pots and, with both hands/wrists, lifted the large pot to the counter. Another success -- I was almost giddy! I put the pot in the sink and turned on the tap and filled the pot about half way. This next step was more difficult: I had to lift the pot from the sink to the stove. My left hand grasped the handle on one side, my right wrist supported the weight of the other. I managed to get the pot on the correct burner and we were cooking! The water boiled and I dropped in the gnocchi, very pleased with myself. Another difficulty was encountered when I had to drain the pot but, with Cecilia's able assistance, that task was managed as well.

It wasn't much, but it's more than I've done in a very long time. I must admit it was a bit wearying, but well worth it. Miss C got her homework done with no interruption and ate a delicious meal prepared by Wilbur Weston.

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