THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


It came, and it went...

I hope everyone had a very happy and wonderful Christmas! I did, and am sad to see the weekend coming to a close. I had all my daughters with me Christmas day and the day after, which was the finest gift of all.

Jenny and Becky had contrived to spend the day after cooking meals to store so that dinnertime is more easily managed when I return from work in the evening. We made a list of meals, fleshed out the ingredients we'd need and hit the grocery store. With the exception of three little items, we bought only what was on the list and headed home. The kitchen was a frenzy once we got started: John W volunteered to cut up the chicken and ham, Jenny and Becky worked together on meatballs, meatloaf, lasagna, and glop (most people will call this stroganoff), and packed and stored everything when it was finished. My freezer hasn't been this full since I went through an "easy do-ahead gourmet" phase a few years ago. Thank you, my darlings (you, too, John Wallace) for this kindness.

Today brought another treat: Harlem Globetrotters tickets in Richmond! Since my usual Basketball Buddy was reluctant to venture away from her beloved roller rink, I invited my 12-year old goddaughter who was happy (I think) to go. We had super seats--on the floor!--and were entertained from beginning to end. Theresa took lots of pictures, which I'll share when she does. It was a fun way to finish the weekend.

On the drive home, Theresa asked me if I would be her sponsor at her Confirmation next year. I am touched that she asked. Confirmation isn't until next November...I wonder where I'll be at that time.

Okay, the drivel stops here. Sweet repose and rest and all that jazz...

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