THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Looking ahead

I'm pretty sure I suffered from very intense emotional lability last night. I've had a few hints over the past couple of months but nothing like this.

The worst thing -- apart from the crying and the laughing -- was my speech. It was as if my mouth and jaw had frozen, rendering me much less intelligible. This frightened me and made the crying and laughing even more violent.

In my (admittedly cursory) research following the event, I was unable to determine how speech is affected; however, since emotional lability seems to be bulbar-related, it stands to reason that speech is a part of it.

It's very likely hypervigilance and/or fatigue, but I felt "off" today. I was more aware of the movements of my mouth and the thickness of my tongue. Good God, I can't believe I actually dictated that sentence.

Methinks the best course of action here is to drink a lovely glass of Noche. Or two.

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