THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Stuff I do

I use a cosmetic sponge to apply my moisturizer.
I use my feet to apply lotion to my feet; a dollop on each instep is spread about using the heels, toes and arches.
I use the knobs of my dresser to adjust the back of my bra strap. I won't even try to describe the process.
I lie flat on my back with a rolled up towel along my spine to help keep my shoulders from curving forward.
I drink tonic water for the anti-cramping quinine.
I use face towels with slits cut in each corner (for easier hold-ability) when I shower.
I hold my car key fob in my mouth and lock the door by pressing with my lips.
I turn on my bedside lamp with the knuckles of the first two fingers of my left hand.
I weave a nail file through the first three fingers of one hand to file the nails of the other.
Similarly, I weave my fingers around the stem of a wine glass. For wine drinking purposes. Duh.

This list, as with everything else, is a work in progress.


Mykljak said...

You are the Heloise of the handicapped, the Martha Stewart of the motor-challenged.

Deb said...

You may call me Flossie.

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