THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Oh, Henry

One day, during one of our various phone calls, Adam and I were discussing Rose and how she cares for me. Adam asked me if Rose was thorough when she gave me a shower, and said it took a special sort of person to be a caregiver. We both laughed because neither one of us has the sort of fortitude required for that profession.

The first time I gave over and let Rose have the management of my shower I was a bit uncomfortable, but the positives outweighed my discomfort and I reveled in all my head to toe, fresh cleanliness. I did not shrink from her thoroughness, I was grateful for it.

Since the phone call, however, I have been like a stupid, giggly kid whenever Rose is being thorough. All I can think of is my conversation with Adam and our silly comments. Maybe I should take one of my little yellow pills before my shower...

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