THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Plunk, plunk, plunk

Shopping/wish list:

64 GB iPad
Gel seat cushions
Hospital style rolling table for my laptop etc.
Rollator, to use in the house until I commit to a
Power wheelchair, which will require a
Vehicle to haul above-referenced power wheelchair, and
Ramp from driveway to patio door
Lift recliner (maybe two of these)

The power chair, vehicle, and ramp will take quite a bit of planning and I have to make sure I have a good grip on my finances before I commit to another vehicle loan.

The cushions and table can be gotten fairly simply, as can the iPad. It's just a matter of purchasing them.

The rollator may be borrowed from the loan closet. I have a request in already for a lift recliner.

This list just keeps getting longer and longer.

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