THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


She's a keeper

Last night (Thursday) Rose came at 4 PM instead of 6 PM because she wanted to do some personal things later in the evening. She was just about to wash my hair when the power went out.

A power outage at my house means more than no lights -- it also means no water. I am on a well so no power means no pump means no water.

Cecilia was taking a shower. Thank goodness she was in the rinsing stage so she was not too terribly put out (about the water -- more later on WiFi).

I called the power company to report the outage and was told power might not be restored for several hours. Groan. So much for my shower and clean hair.

Rose, who has been concerned about my swollen feet, went to work on some stretching and range of motion exercises on my legs and feet. Finally satisfied with the results of her work, she settled me in the big ugly chair in the living room and made me put my feet up.

Cecilia started grumbling because there was no WiFi, growled something about wanting capris and could she rip up a pair of jeans. She went back into her room, growling and ripping. Hmmmm.

Since we were unable to cook, my dinner consisted of some chicken salad sprinkled with dried cranberries (a particular favorite). Situated as I was in the big ugly chair I was not able to hold the plate so my very kind Rose fed me.

I called the power company to get an update on restoration and was told possibly 9 PM. Groan.

Rose asked if we had any candles and I was embarrassed to tell her I did not know. Since Cecilia was by this time asleep, Rose went out to buy some candles. Just before she returned the power was restored. It was 8 PM. I told her to go, that I would manage just fine, but she would have none of it. She insisted on staying.

At 10 PM -- having washed my hair and given me a shower -- she declared that her job was done and, making sure I had my feet up, finally went home. She is really something else.

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