THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Will you walk into my parlour?

Day six. I was going to write a post on day five but I fell asleep. I am such a lazy butt.

So, day six. For the past six days a little black spider has been living on a little white tile in the bathroom near the wall. He (she? it?) is there every time I go into the bathroom, exactly the same spot every time. Most of the time he just sits there, happily settled as I go about my business. Occasionally he gets spooked and disappears into the wall or crawls up toward the air vent, but returns in short order to the exact same place.

On day four I pointed him out to Jenny, who tried to catch him with a wad of tissue. He jumped and disappeared from sight. I was a little disappointed -- in a strange way I was becoming very much accustomed to his presence. He returned later in the evening to my great delight. We respect each other's space and I figure if he is on the little white tile he is nowhere near my bed -- even though the "you eat spiders in your sleep" story is a myth, there is still a little fear hiding somewhere in my brain.

I don't know what sort of spider it is but I know what it is NOT, and it is not a brown recluse or a black widow. If he were either one of those this would be a different sort of entry.

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