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Slight change of plans

I am having lunch with an old friend today. We commuted together via bus as well as carpool for almost 20 years. Bil also influenced my early running, for which he earned the moniker "Evil Bil" or EB (pronounced "eeb”) because I tried so hard to keep up with him I overdid it. Of course he was to blame, I would take no responsibility for my own poor judgment.

So anyway, I'm having lunch with him today. Because of the timing I asked if he could take me to my physical therapy appointment afterward, and he kindly agreed.

When I got up this morning and visited my lovely bidet, it occurred to me I would not be able to go several hours without a visit to a bathroom, especially after having lunch out. I'm to the point where I need assistance, nearby if not directly. I may have known Bil for a very long time but he is not a potty pal. Consequently, I will come home directly lunch is over and, once the warm air dry is turned off, will head out to PT feeling lighthearted and, more importantly, light-bladdered.

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