THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)




For some reason it's always higher at clinic, 135+/80+. Runner me HATES getting a reading at clinic. I wonder, is it that I hate BEING at clinic for what it represents, which manifests itself in my blood pressure? By that reasoning, why do you suppose my blood pressure is so GOOD at the gynecologist? I've never been crazy about those visits, either.

On to other things.

We had a good meeting with Jannan least initially. The more C talked about what is going on in her world, the more agitated she became. Jannan observed that C has clearly defined ideas about how people and situations are supposed to be and, when they don't meet her expectations, boom. Cecilia listened with teenage attention, grunted acknowledgment, and we wrapped up.

The ride home was painful. I stopped at Wegman's and, as it was raining, I pulled into one of the many handicapped spaces. This resulted in tears and accusations that I was taking advantage; I relocated because she's right. I was being a big lazy butt. Anyway, went in and did my shopping and found a magazine she likes so I bought it, too. No good deed goes unpunished; the "spread" she'd been hoping to find wasn't there. Yep, more frustration. The ride home was painful. What? I already said that? Well, it bears repeating my darlings. I went home the very long way in the miserable, gloomy rain, feeling miserable and gloomy myself. Little Miss Sunshineblackholegirl was fetally positioned within her hoodie, having run the gamut of shrieks and moans and grunts. Silently, I pulled into the driveway and she, silently, helped me put my purse on my shoulder, gathered all the groceries, and unlocked the door. She'd worked back to her calm place.

She is managing some of her academic expectations right now, hopefully successfully. I'm staying out of it.

I wonder what my bp is right now?

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