THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Better living through chemistry

My favorite cold medicine. Life is improving.

I did decide to work from home today, a very wise move on my part. Rolled out of bed at 7--the time I usually get to work--and was immediately grateful for the extra sleep.

At 8:00 AM it was time for my baclofen, the first of three for the day.

At 10:00 AM it was time for rilutek and lithium.

2 PM called for another baclofen. I'll have the last of these at 8 PM.

4 PM will be time for another cold tablet.

10 PM is the time for the second rilutek and lithium cocktail, along with my multivitamin and COQ 10 pill. I will not try to explain what COQ 10 does, but Justin mentioned it and said it couldn't hurt, so I added it to my regimen.

Look what I've become. One of those people who live by their pills. Pretty soon I'll have to get one of those pill organizers. I'll dye my hair blue and will take to wearing muumuus.

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