THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Quelques choses

Things that drive me crazy:
  • I can't scratch behind my right shoulder*
  • I can't put on or take off my coat
  • Stupid drivers
  • Craving a food I can't make**
(This is just tonight -- the list is much longer)

To sort of balance the crazy things, let me tell you about things that I love:
  • Cecilia's report card (five As and two Bs) (the two Bs are in AP classes) (so they are weighted)***
  • My Honda dealership and the two Mikes****
  • Paris*****
  • Veuve Clicquot*****
  • Terps and Wizards basketball*****
  • My Mac*****
(This, too, is a short list. I happen to love very many things, and people, and animals.)

*My shoulder has been making me crazy today. It's actually been making me nuts for about three days but today I went from nuts to crazy.
**I am craving biryani in the worst way. If I can enlist the help of a daughter or a friend this weekend, I will make pounds and pounds.
***She enchants me, amazes me, brings me to tears.
****I pulled into my Honda dealership at 6:30 PM; Mike 1 and Mike 2 were both on hand to greet me. I was given a ride home and they will pick me up when my car is ready.
*****No explanation necessary.

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