THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Same again

The twitching, she is très apparent these last few days. Mostly in the bicep of the left arm, but everywhere else, too. And, more annoyingly, the left hand has begun increased cramping and finger spasming. The middle and ring fingers randomly jump and curl inward, often for several moments. At least that doesn't hurt, unlike when my pinky and the heel of my left hand decide to have a tantrum.

The right hand has been fairly quiet. The only interesting development is that the index finger no longer curls, rather, it points. All the time. When Mike noticed it during some ROM exercises on the right arm, he moved my arm a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Yeah, Mike is a funny guy.

I am concerned that the heightened activity in the left hand is a portent. I mean, I KNOW I'm weaker--it's become a struggle to open the front office door--but does this signal a ramp up in the decline? Sigh. This is a ridiculous question and train of thought. The disease is progressive, after all. There is no point in worrying about it. Better to spend my energy and thoughts preparing for further adaptation.

I was up all night with a cough, the most recent iteration of this stupid cold. Naptime.

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