THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


How far did the apple fall from this tree?

While sitting at a high school waiting for Cecilia to finish her SAT test, another mother in a PT cruiser came up next to me and rolled down her window.

PT: is the SAT test finished yet?
Me: no
PT: do you know when it is supposed to be over?
Me: no, I'm just waiting.
PT: have any kids come out yet?
Me: not yet.
PT: so it's not over yet?
Me: clearly not, we are all just waiting here and there are lots of cars still in the parking lot.
PT: my son said it would take about five hours (note: at this point it was four hours and 15 minutes into the test).
Me: I don't know, I'm just waiting.
PT: (stares at me, for what seems an eternity.)
Me: just sitting here waiting...
PT: (rolls up window, drives away)

I wonder what her son will get on his SAT. Perhaps he takes after his father.

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