THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Debrief: Louise

This trip was great but verrry taxing. Methinks--no, meknows--there won't be any more to places that require so much walking or have stairs instead of escalators or elevators. I'm done.

I tripped going up the stairs at one of the tube stations. My right foot caught the step and I fell forward, landing on my left knee, elbow and pinky. It took several minutes to readjust, shift myself into a seated position, and (with Lynne's help) get back on my feet. Props to the kind Londoners who stopped to offer assistance.

Was this a true ALS fall? I think so. The fatigue I experienced after so much exertion (walking, sightseeing) surely impacted my ability to lift my foot sufficiently.

If I wanted to attempt another such excursion I would not be able to go without bringing a companion as the simple, everyday tasks we take for granted are difficult, even impossible: putting on and taking off a coat and other garments, using keys (including key cards, which are très difficile), not to mention shouldering a backpack.

So long independence.

Lynne was a champ and was always there to assist. She helped with everything, and I truly put our friendship to the test. As a gift to her I am going to keep out of her way for a while.

Anyway, we returned home Monday and today -- Wednesday -- I am still feeling pretty beat up. When we got off the plane my arms and legs felt so sketchy I was worried I would not be able to drive. Fortunately this was not the case, but the fatigue has stayed with me. I did not sleep well Monday or Tuesday night and tonight I am again up later than I had hoped. The only saving grace is the two hour nap I took earlier this evening.

Saturday I do not have anything at all planned. Well, yes I do: I am going to spend the day in my serenity room with my book and my iPod, and will give in to any drowsiness I feel at any time. With any luck Sunday will find me restored and rested, back on my game.

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Mykljak said...

Another Yank falls for London ...

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