THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)



I met with Melinda today and informed her it was my plan to stop working at the end of September. Seven more months. Part of me is honestly relieved that this decision has been made, but more of me is sad. Just as with most everything else, I will work through my change curve and will emerge victorious and smiling; I hope it doesn't take too long.

I've also begun searching for a person to share the drive to work. I'm offering a pretty sweet deal -- I'll provide the car, the gas, and the parking, all I need is someone who can drive my car. This has been on my mind recently and today, because of the unbelievable pain in my left shoulder, I decided it was time to take a step. The pain has abated somewhat but the need is only going to increase, so I might as well start the process.

PBS is airing a show on Shirley Temple. Now there's a pick me up.

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