THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


Is it spring yet?

1. 3-6 inches has been upgraded to 10-20 inches. Those of us in the South will not see as much accumulation -- but what does that mean?

2. The heat has been restored and the house is warming up. Thank heaven. I was all set to go to the hotel up the street but encountered reluctance from the other residents of my abode. Cecilia, in true emo fashion, said she'd rather learn to torture herself and not spend all that money. This made me laugh because she's quite adept at spending my money.

3. Cecilia. I did not make it snow and I did not close the schools. I know you are unhappy and I know you consider me a safe harbor. But your behavior tonight -- your impatience and unkindness -- was hurtful and I did not deserve such treatment. I am writing this rather than attempt a conversation because it's better for us both.

I could use a vacation.

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