THE ODDS (Debbie Does ALS)


The bigger they are...

Another day, another incident...

Saturday, I was getting ready to meet Melinda at a local winery; we were going to have lunch and sample a few glasses of wine. Poor John was called upon to help with cleaning and deodorant and dressing; he managed all very creditably and we both laughed at the absurdity of this entire situation. I started to laugh a little too hard and began to step backward, thinking I had a wall behind me. No, there was no wall, there was a doorway and as I passed through it -- backwards --- and realized I was falling, hilarity turned to panic. I knew what was happening and had no control, no ability to stop it.

The land m-ass hit the hardwood floor first and a split second later the back of my head hit the floor with a loud crack -- I was certain my head had split open. (That it did not still amazes me. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to weather punishment.) John came running and made me rest there for a moment before trying to get me back into a standing position. The knot on the back of my head was already forming but fortunately there was no broken skin. When I was ready to attempt standing, John first got me into a sitting position and then lifted me -- very capably, I must admit -- to my feet. I slowly walked over to the living room chair and sank into it.

Ice was applied to the growing bump on the back of my head and I considered what I was going to do -- I still wanted to meet Melinda but felt too shaky to drive. I called her and asked her if she could drive me home if John drove me to her but she, ever the wise and concerned friend, suggested we postpone. I was disappointed but had to concede that it was better idea.

I slept a bit after that and woke up to a considerably smaller lump. A visit to Kenny's was scheduled for the afternoon and I made it, thanks to John's taxi service. I was conscious of feeling very frail and feeble -- I still feel that way.

Hopefully I will feel more the thing tomorrow. Right now everything hurts.


Update: after a good night's rest I feel fine. Still a bit shaky and stiff but that is to be expected. The new rule around here is I am not allowed to laugh or cry or do anything unless I am sitting down, per Jenny.

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Sunny von Droolow said...

Falls are as jarring emotionally as physically. But if you're going to hit your head, far better the back than the front.

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